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Issue #37 resolved
Carl Meyer
created an issue

Creating a fresh virtualenv from the new reference implementation (in your sandbox) does not result in an "easy_install" script in the bin/ directory, even though distribute is installed in the env. Perhaps this is a separate packaging bug?

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  1. Carl Meyer reporter
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    I just pulled the latest from your sandbox repo, re-configured and built, and created a new venv, and I'm still seeing this issue; no `bin/easy_install` is present in the newly-created venv.

  2. Vinay Sajip repo owner

    This should now be fixed; this was a Distribute issue, needing 0.6.27 of Distribute. The script pointed to an older version; once this was updated to point to 0.6.27, the problem went away without any changes being made to the venv code.

    If you are still seeing this, please confirm the distribute version being installed.

  3. Carl Meyer reporter

    Nope, this problem is gone. The distribute tarball itself is ending up in the env's bin/ directory, though, which is a little odd. Also, I thought the plan was to not include the distribute-installation piece in Python itself? Did you decide that practicality beats purity in this case, and most users will need it? My main concern is that we've already observed that the version of Distribute used regularly needs updating, much more regularly than the CPython release schedule would allow for.

  4. Vinay Sajip repo owner

    The tarball should be being deleted, possibly I commented that out while debugging - I'll check. It's moot, since I will remove the DistributeEnvBuilder from the core - the plan was always to do this. I just left it in for the alpha because it does make exploratory testing easier. I've updated the docstring in the module to indicate as much.

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