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uprefix 0.1
The uprefix module provides an import hook for Python 3 which replaces
'u' prefixes on Unicode literal strings in Python source code.

It is intended to assist users when porting Python 2.x code to 3.x.

Requirements & Installation
The uprefix module requires Python 3.1 or greater, and can be
installed with the standard Python installation procedure:

  python setup.py install

There is a set of unit tests which you can invoke with

  python setup.py test
before running the installation.


Once installed on the path, the import hook is invoked as follows:

    >>> import uprefix
    >>> uprefix.register_hook()

You can unregister the hook by

    >>> uprefix.unregister_hook()

Availability & Documentation
The latest version of uprefix can be found at