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Download repository 11.8 MB
Tag Commit Date Download
tip 69eefde
v2.0.3 64e2df8
v2.0.1 02e96fe
v2.0.0 2caa93c
v1.2.0 524486d
v1.1.0 821ffc6
v1.0.0 8611ae9
0.9.12 284886a
r0.9.11 66e5960
r0.9.10 b363644
r0.9.9 0923d1f
r0.9.8 5fc7ef9
r0.9.7 ae6dbcb
Branch Commit Date Download
default 69eefde
stable 6203cbd
1.0.0-wip 27f1cd6
fix-typo 351538b
BootDatePicker 5ab7230
BootWysiwyg 39e3b76
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