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 Third-party helpers
+The following third-party Python packages are not included in WebHelpers due to
+their size or dependencies, but are often used in WebHelpers applications.
+`BeautifulSoup <>`_
+    A robust HTML/XML parser that can make sense of bad markup.
+`HTMLTidy <>`_
+    Clean up and pretty print HTML. This is a C library. There are several
+    `Python bindings
+    <>`_ to
+    it.
+`Unidecode <>`_
+    Convert Unicode characters to ASCII equivalents. Accented letters and
+    symbols are converted to a visual approximation, and non-Latin letters
+    are converted to their standard Latin pronounciation.  Several of the
+    ``convert_\*`` functions in ``webhelpers.text`` will use Unidecode if
+    it's installed.
+`Unipath <>`_
+    An object-oriented alternative to the path functions in ``os``,
+    ``os.path``, and ``shutil``.  Similar packages include
+    ` <>`_.