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[svn] couple test additions, whitespace

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             radio_button("opinion", "-1") + radio_button("opinion", "1"),
             '<input id="opinion_-1" name="opinion" type="radio" value="-1" /><input id="opinion_1" name="opinion" type="radio" value="1" />'
+        self.assertEqual(
+            radio_button("num_people", 5, selected=True),
+            '<input id="num_people_5" name="num_people" selected="True" type="radio" value="5" />'
+        )
     def test_select(self):
             select("people", "<option>justin</option>"),


 def end_form():
     Outputs "</form>"
+    Example::
+        >>> end_form()
+        '</form>'
     return "</form>"
     Creates a file upload field.
     If you are using file uploads then you will also need to set the multipart option for the form.
+    Example::
+        >>> file_field('myfile')
+        '<input id="myfile" name="myfile" type="file" />'
     return text_field(name, value=value, type="file", **options)
     * ``disable_with`` - The value to be used to rename a disabled version of the submit
     if confirm:
         onclick = options.get('onclick', '')
         if onclick.strip() and not onclick.rstrip().endswith(';'):
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