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some more inconsistant behavior fixed between python versions

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         from pylons import url
         # this will handle possible URL generation
-        request_copy = dict(self.request.copy().GET)
-        if not self.order_column: 
-            self.order_column = request_copy.pop("order_col", None)
-        if not self.order_dir:
-            self.order_dir = request_copy.pop("order_dir", 'asc')
+        request_copy = dict(self.request.copy().GET) 
+        self.order_column = request_copy.pop("order_col", None)
+        self.order_dir = request_copy.pop("order_dir", None)
         if column == self.order_column and self.order_dir == "asc":
             new_order_dir = "dsc"
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