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Pasted is a pastebin clone written in Python, it was my first Python web code
ever. My personal instance is actually running at [][1].


  - SQLobject

This code is organized to run under virtual environment, if you want to run
your own Pasted clone:

    $ hg clone

Enter on Pasted directory and create a new virtual environment called ENV,
active this new virtualenv and install all dependencies:

    $ virtualenv ENV
    $ source ENV/bin/activate
    $ easy_install pygments sqlobject

Now you can run script to get a development instance:

    $ python

If you want to deploy a Pasted instance using Apache and mod_wsgi just copy
*extra/apache-wsgi-vhost.conf* to your Apache folder. Don't forget to change
paths and domain name to your real configuration.

Vinícius Figueiredo