React-Redux app for select color. Colors received from a remote service


As a Product Owner I want an app in which I can select a color and, by doing this, change the background color of the whole app.
List of all colors is here . Colors should be selectable from an autosuggest field.

Acceptance criteria:

  • colors should be fetched from remote source,
  • new background color must be 50% transparent,
  • autosuggest should work from 2 chars.
  • selected color should be accepted by clicking an “Accept” button placed next to the
    autosuggest field.

Tech requirements:

  • general stack is: React, redux, ES6 (if not familiar with React then use vanilla or your
    favorite JS framework/libraries),
  • autosuggest mechanism should be written from scratch, no ready-to-use solutions,
  • code should be tested (write all suitable and needed tests),
  • solution must be delivered either as a GitHub repository or as a compressed
  • the app must be a npm project (installable and runnable by npm or yarn scripts),
  • UI is not important,
  • browser support: newest versions (skip the IE/Edge),