pypy / _pytest /

support for presented detailed information in failing assertions.
import py
import sys
from _pytest.monkeypatch import monkeypatch

def pytest_addoption(parser):
    group = parser.getgroup("debugconfig")
    group._addoption('--no-assert', action="store_true", default=False,
        help="disable python assert expression reinterpretation."),

def pytest_configure(config):
    # The _reprcompare attribute on the py.code module is used by
    # py._code._assertionnew to detect this plugin was loaded and in
    # turn call the hooks defined here as part of the
    # DebugInterpreter.
    m = monkeypatch()
    if not config.getvalue("noassert") and not config.getvalue("nomagic"):
        def callbinrepr(op, left, right):
            hook_result = config.hook.pytest_assertrepr_compare(
                config=config, op=op, left=left, right=right)
            for new_expl in hook_result:
                if new_expl:
                    return '\n~'.join(new_expl)
                  'AssertionError', py.code._AssertionError)
        m.setattr(py.code, '_reprcompare', callbinrepr)

def warn_about_missing_assertion():
        assert False
    except AssertionError:
        sys.stderr.write("WARNING: failing tests may report as passing because "
        "assertions are turned off!  (are you using python -O?)\n")

# Provide basestring in python3
    basestring = basestring
except NameError:
    basestring = str

def pytest_assertrepr_compare(op, left, right):
    """return specialised explanations for some operators/operands"""
    width = 80 - 15 - len(op) - 2 # 15 chars indentation, 1 space around op
    left_repr =, maxsize=int(width/2))
    right_repr =, maxsize=width-len(left_repr))
    summary = '%s %s %s' % (left_repr, op, right_repr)

    issequence = lambda x: isinstance(x, (list, tuple))
    istext = lambda x: isinstance(x, basestring)
    isdict = lambda x: isinstance(x, dict)
    isset = lambda x: isinstance(x, set)

    explanation = None
        if op == '==':
            if istext(left) and istext(right):
                explanation = _diff_text(left, right)
            elif issequence(left) and issequence(right):
                explanation = _compare_eq_sequence(left, right)
            elif isset(left) and isset(right):
                explanation = _compare_eq_set(left, right)
            elif isdict(left) and isdict(right):
                explanation = _diff_text(py.std.pprint.pformat(left),
        elif op == 'not in':
            if istext(left) and istext(right):
                explanation = _notin_text(left, right)
    except py.builtin._sysex:
        excinfo = py.code.ExceptionInfo()
        explanation = ['(pytest_assertion plugin: representation of '
            'details failed. Probably an object has a faulty __repr__.)',

    if not explanation:
        return None

    # Don't include pageloads of data, should be configurable
    if len(''.join(explanation)) > 80*8:
        explanation = ['Detailed information too verbose, truncated']

    return [summary] + explanation

def _diff_text(left, right):
    """Return the explanation for the diff between text

    This will skip leading and trailing characters which are
    identical to keep the diff minimal.
    explanation = []
    i = 0 # just in case left or right has zero length
    for i in range(min(len(left), len(right))):
        if left[i] != right[i]:
    if i > 42:
        i -= 10                 # Provide some context
        explanation = ['Skipping %s identical '
                       'leading characters in diff' % i]
        left = left[i:]
        right = right[i:]
    if len(left) == len(right):
        for i in range(len(left)):
            if left[-i] != right[-i]:
        if i > 42:
            i -= 10     # Provide some context
            explanation += ['Skipping %s identical '
                            'trailing characters in diff' % i]
            left = left[:-i]
            right = right[:-i]
    explanation += [line.strip('\n')
                    for line in py.std.difflib.ndiff(left.splitlines(),
    return explanation

def _compare_eq_sequence(left, right):
    explanation = []
    for i in range(min(len(left), len(right))):
        if left[i] != right[i]:
            explanation += ['At index %s diff: %r != %r' %
                            (i, left[i], right[i])]
    if len(left) > len(right):
        explanation += ['Left contains more items, '
            'first extra item: %s' %[len(right)],)]
    elif len(left) < len(right):
        explanation += ['Right contains more items, '
            'first extra item: %s' %[len(left)],)]
    return explanation # + _diff_text(py.std.pprint.pformat(left),
                       #             py.std.pprint.pformat(right))

def _compare_eq_set(left, right):
    explanation = []
    diff_left = left - right
    diff_right = right - left
    if diff_left:
        explanation.append('Extra items in the left set:')
        for item in diff_left:
    if diff_right:
        explanation.append('Extra items in the right set:')
        for item in diff_right:
    return explanation

def _notin_text(term, text):
    index = text.find(term)
    head = text[:index]
    tail = text[index+len(term):]
    correct_text = head + tail
    diff = _diff_text(correct_text, text)
    newdiff = ['%s is contained here:' %, maxsize=42)]
    for line in diff:
        if line.startswith('Skipping'):
        if line.startswith('- '):
        if line.startswith('+ '):
            newdiff.append('  ' + line[2:])
    return newdiff
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