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Atex street address change

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 	padding: 0;
 	border: 0;
 	font-size: 100%;
-	font: inherit;
 	vertical-align: baseline;
 a {
 .logo-producatori {
 .tab_d_holder_left {


                                 	<li class="red-title">ATEX Computer SRL </li>
                                     <li><b>COD Fiscal:</b>  RO 2885022  </li>
                                     <li><b>Registrul Comertului Cluj:</b>  J12/3961/1992 </li>
-                                    <li><b>Sediu Social:</b>  Str. Nirajului, nr.14, Cluj-Napoca, Romania </li>
+                                    <li><b>Sediu Social:</b>  Str. Stephan Ludwig Roth, nr. 21 Cluj-Napoca, 400174 </li>
                                     <li><b>Banca:</b>  Garanti Bank Cluj-Napoca <span class="red_b">|</span>    <b>Cont :</b>  RO71 UGBI 0000 0420 0098 9RON </li>
                                     <li><b>Banca:</b>  Trezoreria Cluj-Napoca  <span class="red_b">|</span>   <b>Cont :</b>  RO47 TREZ 2165 069X XX00 7890 </li>
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