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removed unnecessary dubble escaping of html, disabled
escaping of xhtml

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         # Summary.
         if item['description'] is not None:
             if not self.feed['contains_xhtml']:
-                summary = html_escape(item['description'])
-                handler.addQuickElement(u"summary", summary, {u"type": u"html"})
+                handler.addQuickElement(u"summary", item['description'],
+                                        {u"type": u"html"})
                 handler.startElement('summary', {'type': 'xhtml'})
                 handler.startPrefixMapping(None, self.xhtml_namespace)
                 handler.startElementNS((self.xhtml_namespace, 'div'), None, {})
-                handler.characters(item['description'])
+                handler.ignorableWhitespace(item['description'])
                 handler.endElementNS((self.xhtml_namespace, 'div'), None)
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