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vcweb is a Django framework for developing collective action research experiments. It provides data models and abstractions for configuring, collecting and managing experiment data and offers complete flexibility over user interface implementation to the experiment designer.

Current efforts

Areas of active development include:

  • documenting the entire framework
  • storing and managing graph data representing social network relationships that can affect information flow
  • improving the data value API (participant and group data, experiment and round parameterizations)
  • improving the experimenter interface and workflow
  • additional experiments (irrigation, sanitation, and updates to the lighter footprints experiment)
  • improving the server-push implementation

Running experiments

Please visit our Features page for a detailed listing and screenshots of vcweb features.

If you would like experimenter access to run trial experiments, please contact us.

Experiments in production

  • Lighter Footprints
  • Forestry
  • Boundary Effects

Experiments in development

  • Irrigation
  • Sanitation

Technology stack

Visit our developer docs for more details on local development setup.