Files in ~/.virtualenvs are created group-writable

Issue #232 resolved
Julian Brost created an issue

I can see absolutely no reason why those files should be group-writable unless you want other users to be able to mess around with them.

They should be created being only user-writable or even better file creation should respect the currently set umask.

The problem is the chmod call here:

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  1. Paul Kilgo

    This issue bit us pretty bad on the old version still in Ubuntu 12.04 but looks fixed now. The original reporter noted that it would be great if it could respect the currently set umask. I'd like to echo that, as it still looks like the chmod call is "chmod 644" or "chmod 755" depending on if we need the +x. We (some sysadmins) spent a good bit of time chasing down what was disobeying our umask and it turned out to be this absolute chmod().

    Please consider doing something akin to chmod +x for future versions if you have the time. We appreciate it. :)

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