VisualRuby2 is my current implementation of the next-gen IDE for VisualRuby. Currently it's codenamed VisualRuby2, till blessings can be given from the original Author of VisualRuby Eric Cunningham.

VisualRuby2 will implement various features that are common to other IDE's, that are currently missing, as well as a more structured, and familiar way in which to develop Ruby Applications varying from Ruby/GTK to Rails to WEBrick, and any other project type out there that can be incuded.

The main focus for VisualRuby2 though, is to simply develop for the outline of Ruby/GTK GUI Development, as it's original intention, leveraging the vrlib, to make GTK development in Ruby more familiar to Visual Basic developers.

Check back often as more features are added to the repository for the code.

Mario Steele - Developer