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 from djangorestframework.utils.breadcrumbs import get_breadcrumbs
 from djangorestframework.utils.description import get_name, get_description
 from djangorestframework.utils.mediatypes import get_media_type_params, add_media_type_param, media_type_matches
+from djangorestframework import VERSION
 from decimal import Decimal
 import re
             'response': self.view.response,
             'description': description,
             'name': name,
+            'version': VERSION,
             'markeddown': markeddown,
             'breadcrumblist': breadcrumb_list,
             'available_media_types': self.view._rendered_media_types,


 	<div id="header">
 		<div id="branding">
-		  <h1 id="site-name"><a href=''>Django REST framework</a></h1>
+		  <h1 id="site-name"><a href=''>Django REST framework</a> <small>{{ version }}</small></h1>
 		<div id="user-tools">
 		  {% if user.is_active %}Welcome, {{ user }}.{% if logout_url %} <a href='{{ logout_url }}'>Log out</a>{% endif %}{% else %}Anonymous {% if login_url %}<a href='{{ login_url }}'>Log in</a>{% endif %}{% endif %}
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