Webauro README - Please read carefully before proceeding: ========================================================= Webauro is an open source web application framework written in PHP for mid-level web programmers. If you love PHP, you will really like using Webauro. Webauro is also a super-light CMS built on top of the framework written originally by Kevin Waterson. You can reach him at How to use it: ============== 1. Extract the compressed file to your host. You should have already done this by now! 2. Upload the schema file (.sql) to your database. Get the resource from => Downloads 3. Edit the configuration file (configuration.php) to suit your server. 4. Setup your home page and menus using the Administration Control Panel, by going to yoursite/webauro. The default credentials to login to the admin control are username: admin, password: admin. You can always change it. 5. Enjoy Webauro and feel free to enhance it. What is in for the developers: ============================== Developers working on various web projects can use Webauro now and be productive immediately. It requires a minimal learning curve, and when you understand it more, you are in for a smoother ride. What is in it for the users: ============================ Webauro's clean design and ease in methodology will allow users to enjoy their web experience immensely. Users, we mean, the people using a website driven by Webauro. GPL License and future of Webauro: ================================== Webauro's future also lies in the programmers. We have made it open source to make it accessible to everyone Clone/fork it today. COMING SOON: A full fledged manual and API documentation for Webauro.. ~VIZCREATIONS