== About == is a simple dictionary using the google translate api with clean and simple GUI (see [[screenshots|Screenshots]])

At the moment the translator supports a couple of languages:
* '??', - Autodetect (only for the string you are translating
* 'ar', - Arabic
* 'bg', - Bulgarian
* 'cs', - Czech 
* 'de', - German
* 'en', - English
* 'es', - Spanish
* 'fr', - French
* 'it', - Italian
* 'pt', - Portuguese

Other languages could be easely added to the application extending the languages variable at line 29

== Features ==

Some of the features I wanted to implement was the Translate from clipboard function. Used either from
the status icon, or the Paste button from the main Window - gdict reads the clipboard looking for text
and this is translated.

The status icon is somewhat primitive, but will be extended very soon.

== Plans ==

In planning is the option to add preferences dialog, where the user can select the languages to be used

Saving the configuration used after quitting the application. And perhaps a listening mode, where gdict

waits in your clipboard to copy text, for translation.

== Requirements ==

To use the application you will need:
* Python >= 2.6
* python-gtk2 >= 2.4
* python-simplejson