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groovelib is a python object orientated library inspired from the library ( project) and developed for the gSharkDown desktop application. It is a cleaner replacement of the library, but with cutted off a lot of it's features.


An example usage will be:

from groovelib.groove import Groove

# Initialize the Groove() object

gs = Groove()

# Get an results as an SongList object

result = gs.get_search_results_ex("Madonna - Sorry")

# Get a song with index 0 from the results

song = results.get(0)

# Print the Arist name, Song name, coverart filename and the song ID

print song.ArtistName, song.SongName, song.CoverArtFilename, song.SongID

It is just that simple and easy to use.


The Library is licensed under the GNU GPL License v.3, since it uses some parts of the code.

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