Vladimir Kolev committed 1259cda

os and sys import should be before using them in

get_selected_rows was missing a return statement

The AppIndicator should be working when after install we add the icons to the
hicolor theme with a command

sudo xdg-icon-resource install --theme hicolor --novendor --size 16 [path_to_original] [accessible name]

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 by the service
+import os
+import sys
 # Imports with dependency check
 # Imports PyGtk
 # Common imports
-import os
-import sys
 import dbus
 import dbus.service
 import dbus.glib


         return range(len(self.get_model()))
     def get_selected_rows(self):
-        self.get_view().get_selection().get_selected_rows()[1]
+        return self.get_view().get_selection().get_selected_rows()[1]


         so we can access the gSharkDown methods.
         if env().HAVE_INDICATOR == True:
-            if os.path.exists('/usr/share/pixmaps/gsharkdown'):
-                icons_path = '/usr/share/pixmaps/gsharkdown'
-            else:
-                icons_path = "%s/_pixmaps/gsharkdown" % env().BASEPATH
+            #if os.path.exists('/usr/share/pixmaps/gsharkdown'):
+            #    icons_path = '/usr/share/pixmaps/gsharkdown'
+            #else:
+            #    icons_path = "%s/_pixmaps/gsharkdown" % env().BASEPATH
+            #print icons_path
             self.ind = appindicator.Indicator("gsharkdown-client",
-                                    "gsharkdown-messages",
-                                    appindicator.CATEGORY_APPLICATION_STATUS,
-                                    icons_path)
+                                   "gsharkdown_16",
+                                    appindicator.CATEGORY_APPLICATION_STATUS)
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