Vladimir Kolev avatar Vladimir Kolev committed 4c083c2

Settings are now saved in $HOME/.gsharkdown to fix the problem with permissions

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-down_path = ""
-show_stat_icon = 0
-repeat_playlist = 0
-shuffle_playlist = 0
-show_notification = 0
-update_checked = 1
-completition = Roni Size|Eminem|Madonna|Skillet|DMX|Dr. Dre|Ceca|Ceca Velickovic|Syrenia|Within temptation|Lady Gaga|EMinem|Beatles|Scorpions|Deep Purple|Na Inat|Foureira|
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Empty file removed.

 BASEPATH = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0]))
-CONFIG = ConfigObj("%s/data/gsharkdown.ini" % BASEPATH)
+CONFIG = ConfigObj("%s/.gsharkdown/gsharkdown.ini" % os.environ.get("HOME"))
 class SharkDown:
         self.staticon.connect("activate", self.icon_clicked)
         self.staticon.set_tooltip("gSharkDown : Download from Grooveshark")
-        if os.path.exists("%s/data/playlist.pkl" % BASEPATH):
+        if os.path.exists("%s/.gsharkdown/playlist.pkl" % os.environ.get("HOME")):
             print "Playlist not found"
     def load_saved_playlist(self):
-        file = open("%s/data/playlist.pkl" % BASEPATH, 'rb')
+        file = open("%s/.gsharkdown/playlist.pkl" % os.environ.get("HOME"),
+                    'rb')
         eoferror = True
         while eoferror:
         response = dialog.run()
         if response == gtk.RESPONSE_YES:
-                output = open("%s/data/playlist.pkl" % BASEPATH, 'w')
+                output = open("%s/.gsharkdown/playlist.pkl" % os.environ.get("HOME"),
+                              'w')
                 for i in range(0, len(self.playitems)):
                     pickle.dump(self.playitems[i], output)
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