Vladimir Kolev avatar Vladimir Kolev committed 5e33527

Last two commit where with the same mistake, I'm just loosing it with this java at work - there should be only one place to remove the slash form the port number, the rest was just bullshit - sorry

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             self._proxy = None
     def get_system_proxy(self):
-        if os.environ.has_key("HTTP_PROXY") and os.environ["HTTP_PROXY"] != "":
-            proxy_url = "http://" + os.environ["http_proxy"].replace('/', '')
+        if os.environ.has_key("HTTP_PROXY") and os.environ.get("HTTP_PROXY") != "":
+            proxy_url = "http://" + os.environ.get("http_proxy")
             proxy_factory = libproxy.ProxyFactory()
             proxy_url = proxy_factory.getProxies("http://grooveshark.com")[0]
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