Vladimir Kolev committed 66ec56c

Playlist now shows artist and songname with markup

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         self.sw2 = builder.get_object('scrolledwindow2')
         self.playlist = gtk.ListStore(str, gtk.gdk.Pixbuf, str, str, object, int)
         self.play_view = gtk.IconView(self.playlist)
-        self.play_view.set_text_column(0)
+        self.play_view.set_markup_column(0)
         self.prefsmenu.popup(None, None, None, 0, 0)
     def add_song_to_playlist(self, song):
-        song_string = song['ArtistName'] + " - " + song['SongName']
-        if len(song_string) > 14:
-            song_string = song_string[:13] + "..."
+        song_string = "<b>%s</b>\n<i>%s</i>" % (song['ArtistName'], song['SongName'])
+        #if len(song_string) > 14:
+        #    song_string = song_string[:13] + "..."
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