Damián Nohales  committed 914c033

Error handling fixed.

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File lib/

 """GrooveShark service has probably changed or is not working!
 gSharkDown will not works propperly, so please be patient until we find a solution.
-Also, this may usually caused by a proxy misconfiguration\nplease check your proxy configuration.
+Also, this may usually caused by a proxy misconfiguration please check your proxy configuration.
 The error was: %s""")
             % error
     def get_streaming_url(self):
             key = groove.getStreamKeyFromSongIDEx(self.get_id())
-        except Exception, e:
+        except Exception as e:
             print "[Streaming URL error]", e.__str__()
             raise e

File lib/

     _isInitialized = True
+    if _initFailed == True:
+        raise Exception(_("Grooveshark is not initialized"))
 def onInitError(callback):
     global _onInitError
     _onInitError = callback