system proxy settings: invalid literal

glitsj16 avatarglitsj16 created an issue

Setting gsharkdown's proxy preference to "Use system configured proxy" adds a forward slash at the end of the string.

If the system-wide proxy is set to, this error message shows:

GrooveShark service has probably changed or is not working! gSharkDown will not works propperly, so please be patient until we find a solution. Also, this may usually caused by a proxy misconfiguration please check your proxy configuration.

The error was: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '6666/' ---

Manually setting proxy details (same host/port) brings everything back to normal again.

Using gSharkdown 0.6.7 on Ubuntu 10.10

Cheers and keep up the great work!

Comments (2)

  1. Vladimir Kolev
    • It can be that your system-wide proxy configuration has '/' after the port and the slash is just unneeded
    • You can set a system-wide proxy in terminal with following command:
    export HTTP_PROXY="proxy:port"

    I have added to the proxy autoconfiguration to remove the slash if any in the port number.

    Can you confirm that the last commit is resolving your issue?

  2. glitsj16

    Confirming that latest commit did resolve the issue. Thanks for fixing this, especially since it turned out to be ubuntu's problem with system-wide proxy settings.


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