gdebi issues with version number / gsharkdown_0.3.7_1-all.deb

Issue #18 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

gdebi didn't install it because it had problems with the "_" in the version caption

(installed the old version for now)

besides you're a genious! :) got my cpu-usage (old laptop) from 100% ( surf+flash -->not usable) down to ~ 15% --> working just perfectly thx a lot

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  1. Vladimir Kolev repo owner

    I think it will work with --force I just hate this packaging and probabbly will stop doing it after the next release.

    And strangly I have no problems with dpkg on Ubuntu 10.04, but 0.3.7 is just the same as 0.3.7_1 the only change is that there is the she-bang line in the

  2. Anonymous

    I have 0.3.5 installed on Linux Mint 10 Julia. It works great but it prompted me to download which I did but it will not start up after installation. Do you have any idea why? Gone back to 0.3.5 for the time being. Is there any way to disable the update prompt?

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