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Issue #3 on hold
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Please make adding song to playlist and play by double click in the search area. And I miss seek bar.

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  1. Vladimir Kolev repo owner

    For adding song to the playlist with dublclick, If I understand correctly:

    - Double click a song in the search results will add it to the playlist and start playing it automaticly If that's correct - that will be added without any problems

    - About the seek bar - the songs are played directly - without downloading, so seek bar is somethink that I'm not sure that I will be able to add at this point. But I will try my best to add it.

  2. Vladimir Kolev repo owner

    The option with double-click adding a song from the results to the playlist and automatically playing the last added song was added in 4e2a1230b341

    The seek bar will wait, so I'll put the issue on hold

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