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Issue #34 resolved
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Application stops working after a while without warning. It won't play any song, and the only solution is to exit the app and start over again. This bug with the bug is really annoying since i have to re-enter my details everytime i restart the application.

  • OS: Ubuntu 11.10

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  1. Vladimir Kolev repo owner
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    Couldn't test the application on 11.10, but probably have to install the 11.10 and check why.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    This is what its showing to be by launching it thru terminal. Im usin Ubuntu 11.10 in Swedish so im not really sure of my translation of the "Cant find the themeening" sentence. Im realy new to linux aswell so if you will be asking be to try something, try to be as specific as possible.

    ( Gtk-WARNING : Cant find themeengine in "module_path": "pixmap",

    ( Gtk-WARNING : Cant find themeengine in "module_path": "pixmap",

    ( Gtk-WARNING : Cant find themeengine in "module_path": "pixmap",

    ( Gtk-WARNING : Cant find themeengine in "module_path": "pixmap", Usage: [OPTION]

  3. Vladimir Kolev repo owner

    Well this is a warning and is related to the pixmaps directory where the two icons for the AppIndicator are stored. That should be fixed in the latest release.

    The problem is also fixed - it was a typo.

    Do you still have the problem that the application stops working after a while with the latest release 0.5.2 ?

  4. Former user Account Deleted


    I want to say that I have what I think it is the latest release (0.5.2) and the tray icon is not showing yet... I can't enter my info either, because I can't write in the corresponding fields.

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    gSharkdown 0.5.2 not open after the first launch on ubuntu 11.04 (python thread remain open!!!) My solution is: "killall python" and then launch gSharkdown

  6. Vladimir Kolev repo owner

    A fix for the appindicator icon:

    sudo mkdir /usr/share/pixmaps/gsharkdown
    sudo cp -fp /usr/share/gsharkdown/gsharkdown_16.png /usr/share/gsharkdown/gsharkdown_16_playing.png /usr/share/pixmaps/gsharkdown/

    I will see why is this not in the .deb package.

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