Beware the way you close gsharkdown version 0.5!

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Issue #38 resolved
Former user created an issue

Hi ! i use, with joy, your software since somes months, and it's great! But with your last version 0.5, if i close the app with the cross button at the left part of the window ( i'm under ubuntu 10.10 ) , it works but i can't re-open and use it normally! Nothing works to re-open the soft : shortcut in my menu, through gnome-do and even with the terminal! In that case, the msg is : //gsharkdown Message: pygobject_register_sinkfunc is deprecated (GstObject) Usage: [OPTION]

Options: -i, --info Prints information about the current song -c, --current Prints the current playing song -s, --state Prints the current state of the player -v, --version Prints the current gSharkDown version **// ... With former version, this didn't happen! But if i close with the menu "I = for information" , then quit the app by clicking on QUIT, i'm able to use it open it again! Weird isn't it?

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  1. Vladimir Kolev repo owner

    Well I presume that you are using the 0.5 version from the lffa repository. Since it's still not official version and in that time it wasn't even beta - you will experience a lot of bugs, so I will suggest to use the source version till 0.5 version is released.

    If this is not the case (you are using a source version) so please put here the output when starting the application for the first time in the terminal (before trying to close with via the X button in the window title bar).

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Thks for your quick reply! In fact i discovered your soft on the site : ... and i didn't know it was a repository with soft in dev! With the last version, everything was ok ( or nearly!) ! What stable repository do you advise me!

    Just to answer to your question: the first time i open the app, i only have the following : Message: pygobject_register_sinkfunc is deprecated (GstObject) ... but this doesn't prevent the app to work normally!

  3. Vladimir Kolev repo owner

    At the moment there is no stable repository it's is just a development version, but as soon as the 0.5 version is released I will think again of packaging the application at putting packages in the Download section.

    Can I mark the bug as resolved with the latest version?

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    Of course you can mark it as solved! I just try to close it and re-open by three means : through the menu, gnome-do and terminal! If i close by clicking on quit, everything is ok! So, i keep this version! It would be nice if the bit-rate would be displayed in the result of our search! What do you think? Is this possible!

  5. Vladimir Kolev repo owner

    Bitrate is not always returnend when sending a query to grooveshark, but we can check and show it when possible.

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