Wrong path for gsharkdown

Issue #43 resolved
Tomas Forsman
created an issue

As topic say, wrong path for gsharkdown. Today it's located: /usr/local/bin/gsharkdown should be in: /usr/bin/gsharkdown

Tested rpm package, 0.5.2 version.

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  1. Vladimir Kolev repo owner

    Why do you think it should be in /usr/bin/ ? I mean gsharkdown is a third-party application for any distribution, and should be in /usr/local/bin, it's not part of the distribution packages.

  2. Tomas Forsman reporter

    /usr/local is for *local* pkgs

    I want it in a distribution and can use .deb, rpm or similar to make a new package for it. But can't do that today, as it ends up in wrong path.

    Well, i could use "source" and skip deb, rpm packages though. Im not used to someone provides packages that ends up in /usr/local/bin.

  3. Vladimir Kolev repo owner

    well then you could extract (not install) the deb package and in the new created directory gsharkdown_0.5.2_all:

    • cd in the gsharkdown_0.5.2_all direcoty
    • Create a directory usr/bin/
    • move the gsharkdown file from usr/local/bin/ to usr/bin/
    • delete the usr/local directory.
    • Go one directory up from gsharkdown_0.5.2_all
    • Run dpkg-deb --build gsharkdown_0.5.2_all to build the .deb package

    That should do the trick. I your curtain that gsharkdown should be in the /usr/bin directory? If that's correct then I will change the package with a correct path and upload it here.

  4. Tomas Forsman reporter

    Im very sure it should be in /usr/bin path. been doing packages for few years now for Foresight Linux, almost everyone stopped making .deb or .rpm with files that ends up in usr/local/bin

    I would suggest to use "normal" path, would probably make it alot easier for different distributions to be able to offer a easy way to install gsharkdown.

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