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Guido Rugo created an issue

{{{ [Download connecting] 24335407 [Streaming URL error] The song streaming key is empty [Download error] 24335407 The song streaming key is empty }}}

Song : Skrillex - Fucking Die 1

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi guys, I played a little bit around with the lib. The reason why the downloading failed, is because groveshark has changed the api a little bit. Now you need to add songs first to a queue, before you can listen or download them. The following code fixes this issue. Simply add that function to the and call it in the getStreamKeyFromSongIDEx() after the "init" call. Hope it works for you guys.

    def addSongsToQueue(_id): """ add song id to queue, otherwise streamkey can not be retrieved anymore """


    p = {} p["parameters"] = {} p["header"] = h p["header"]["client"] = "jsqueue" p["header"]["clientRevision"] = "20120220.01" p["header"]["token"] = prepToken("addSongsToQueue", ":bangersAndMash:") p["method"] = "addSongsToQueue"

    conn = createCurl("" + p["method"]) conn.setopt(pycurl.POST, True) conn.setopt(pycurl.POSTFIELDS, json.JSONEncoder().encode(p)) conn.setopt(pycurl.HTTPHEADER, [ "Referer: " + _referer, "Accept-Encoding: gzip", "Content-Type: application/json" ])

    conn.perform() conn.close()

  2. muflone


    your fix doesn't wok for me. I'm still receiving:

    [Streaming URL error] The song streaming key is empty
    [Download error] 25315053 The song streaming key is empty

    A similar error happens when I try to play a song from my playlist:

    [Streaming URL error] The song streaming key is empty
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/share/gsharkdown/lib/", line 52, in run
        play_url =
      File "/usr/share/gsharkdown/lib/", line 342, in get_streaming_url
        raise e
    Exception: The song streaming key is empty
  3. Vladimir Kolev repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I want to apologize to you all, but I didn't had a lot of time to work on gSharkDown, so I will try to fix all the changes from the GS API and release the new version with proxy support.

  4. reginaldl


    It looks like changing URL from to the beta version resolves this issue. When using the original v.0.7.0, I can download a couple of songs then I quickly get the described exception (The song streaming key is empty). I've modified my gshardown installation to point to and now it seems to work properly.

    Could anyone have a try?

    PS: my nickname is Regi not Ragi, please fix the README ;)

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