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Pranav Ganorkar created an issue

Hi vkolev, can you add support for playing streaming music with other music player like vlc , mplayer which have out of the box support for streaming.It would be a great feature. I am addicted to this app.Also, a command line interface for searching, playing and downloading music would be useful.Many thanks.

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  1. Vladimir Kolev repo owner

    Hi pranavganorkar,

    Commandline interface is on the way, currently it supports searching and downloading a single file, but very experimental. If you are not affraid to test it you will need the following new dependencies:

    • python-progressbar
    • python-termcolor
    • python-docopt

    You could install them with pip for python 2.7 (python3 is not supported), just remove "python-" from the package name. So you could test and see if this is how you imagined the CLI for gSharkDown.

    I must also warn, that the console interface is not n/curses based, so no playlists etc. just search and download for the moment. The play option is not that far away, but also - one song at a time. I'm still considering if it should be interactive or not.

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