gSharkDown /

intltool-extract --type=gettext/glade data/about_dialog.ui 
intltool-extract --type=gettext/glade data/lyrics_dialog.ui
intltool-extract --type=gettext/glade data/main_window.ui
intltool-extract --type=gettext/glade data/preferenes_dialog.ui
xgettext --keyword=_ --keyword=N_ --language=Python --output=gsharkdown.pot data/about_dialog.ui.h data/lyrics_dialog.ui.h data/main_window.ui.h data/preferenes_dialog.ui.h lib/ lib/

for f in $(ls locale)
	msgmerge -U "./locale/$f/LC_MESSAGES/gsharkdown.po" gsharkdown.pot

echo "Translations updated"
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