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.. -*- restructuredtext -*-


It is a easy to use GNOME Desktop application for downloading and
playing audio files from the grooveshark audioservice. 

.. image:: http://min.us/ilqaY4.png


Some of the importart features:
    - GNOME Desktop integration
    - Ease to use
    - Playlist with loop option
    - Song information with album picture
    - Remembers the playlist on exit
    - Notifications on track change *(disabled by default)*
    - Multimedia Keys support under GNOME Desktop


gSharkDown depends on the following libraries:
    - pygtk2 (python-gtk2 == 2.18)
    - ConfigObj (python-configobj)
    - python-gobject
    - python-gstreamer0.10
    - pynotofy (python-notify)

Licenses and Thanks

gSharkDown is licensed under the GNU GPL v.3 License

The groove.py library is part of the groove-dl application from
jacktheripper51 (George Stephanos) and can be found at github on the following
webaddress: `groove-dl@github <https://github.com/jacktheripper51/groove-dl>`_

Any comments and help are welcome