1. Vladimir Kolev
  2. gSharkDown


gSharkDown / gsd-cli

#!/usr/bin/env python2.7

__title__ = "gsd-cli"
__version__ = "0.1"
__author__ = "Vladimir Kolev"
__license__ = "MIT"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2013 Vladimir Kolev"

from docopt import docopt

from lib.Cli import Cli

doc = """gsd-cli is a terminal frontend for gSharkDown

    gsd-cli (search|play|download)
    gsd-cli search <term>
    gsd-cli play <songid> [--player <executable>]
    gsd-cli download <songid> [-o <file>]
    gsd-cli dall <term> [--folder <foldername>]
    gsd-cli -h | --help
    gsd-cli -v | --version

    --no-color      Don't use colors
    --player        Player to use
    --file          Save the mp3 in a specified filepath
    --folder        Create new folder at current position to download list
    -h --help       Show help
    -v --version    Show version

Please be awere that using gsd-cli is not legal in some countries

if __name__ == "__main__":
    args = docopt(doc, version=__version__)
    cli = Cli(**args)