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gSharkDown / todo

Things to do for the next release

These are features that will be included in the next releases

  1. Add context menus to PlayList and ResultList
  2. Add information when grooveshark has blocked the application
  3. Try to find an workaraound for the grooveshark limitations added in version 0.2.9
  4. Add button to clear the whole playlist added in version 0.2.9
  5. Check for updates and inform the user when new version is available added in version 0.2.9
  6. Double click on a search result - will add the song to the playlist and start playing it automatically. added in version 0.2.9
  7. Add option to look for lyrics added in version 0.3.2
  8. Add drag'n'drop feature to copy items from search results in playlist

Still considering

This features are still waiting for the users opinion

  1. Save/Open/Extract playlists added in version 0.3.1
  2. Scrobbling with Last.FM added in version 0.3.4
  3. Download manager (instead of direct download - add tasks to queue) added in version 0.4
  4. Command line interface added in version 0.4
  5. Seek bar ... still not sure how to add it since the track is not downloaded, and just streemed

For the App-Indicator

In order to have the AppIndicator working correctly:

  1. From the root directory of gsharkdown:
sudo xdg-icon-resource install --theme hicolor --novendor --size 16 _pixmaps/gsharkdown/gsharkdown_16.png gsharkdown_16

sudo xdg-icon-resource install --theme hicolor --novendor --size 16 _pixmaps/gsharkdown/gsharkdown_16_playing.png gsharkdown_16_playing

That should be in the packages in order to make it work when installed.