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A simple desktop tool aimed to help translators providing them the 
services from and google translate directly on their 
desktop in simple and clean interface.


gtkPyglot was inspired by the website, and since always 
having a webbrowser opened to check a translation the developer (that
would be me) decided that he needs a tool for easely working with the
website. The Idea borned and after a couple of hours the tool was 
working and giving the results. Some more polishing and in the last
minute adding the support for google translate - the gtkPyglot tool
was ready to publish for testing. 

This application will not translate a whole application. It gives
you the possibility to check how other have translated a particular 
term from english in your language. Ofcourse that doesn't mean the 
results will be always corrent, but it schould give you a hint how 
you could translate a specific menu label, button, description etc.

Since version 2.0 gtkPyglot can work in Offline mode. To work in that
mode you need to have a database file with the translations. Currently
The application can't generate one, but you can use the one, generated
on 04.03.2011 from the gnome translations website. Be advised, that this
database file is really large and containes 55 languages - the ones
supported by pylyglot. The filesize of the database file is ~ 349MB and
can be downloaded from the following URL:


*  Internet connection (to access pylyglot and google)
*  Python >= 2.6
*  PyGTK  >= 2.16
*  python-simplejson
*  python-pysqlite2
*  python-configobj


There is no installation needed, just download the archive, extract and
run from the terminal:
	$ python
If you like the application and want to contribute, a package for your
favorite distribution will be appritiated, but that's just an example,
any help is welcome.