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Welcome to the pybit3 (gpybit) wiki.

What is pybit3

pyBit3 is a complete rewrite of the pyBit2 application for shortening URLs.

The pyBit project started as simple application for shortening urls with and copying the result to the clipboard of the GNOME desktop. The application was never released to the public, but pushed me to write a better application with more features.

So pyBit2 was born in 2 hours of development using the wxPython GUI framework. The application worked, but adding more features and better functionality it started to be very unstable.

After some URL shortening engines stopped working ( and my application was forgotten I decided to create a new version with pyGTK for better integration in the GNOME desktop. So jumping between Mono and Python - the decision is still not made, but gpyBit is missing only the library for shortening so pyBit3 (or gpybit) will be a python desktop application for shortening URLs, keeping log of your URLs and option to post to twitter and directly after the URL si shorted. Flattr this