Source code for the SPLS 2014 in Dundee website

The website is written in Haskell using the Hakyll package, with HTML templates and Markdown .md content files. The latter fulfil several purposes:

  • quick content updates without the need to change Haskell or HTML code,
  • batch processing,
  • indexing programme items with keys such as title or author,
  • automated sorting of items.

The latter three are all done in Haskell automatically.


Site maintenance is simple. To add a new programme item, go to programme/ and add a new .md file using the intuitive syntax that can be easily grasped by looking at examples provided there.

To compile, run make all. To preview the compiled site, either

  • load _site/index.html in the browser or
  • run make preview and browse localhost:8000 if that worked.

Before subsequent compilations you may need to clean up temporary files, for which you can run make clean.

Site publishing is not automated at the moment. The compiled site is located in _site/. The contents of that directory should be placed in the desired location on the web server.

Vladimir Komendantskiy