CLEO Scripts for GTA Vice City

Most of them were written back in 2013 or so, thus I don't remember what they do or how they work mostly :D

You can compile this with Sanny Builder as usual, but binaries are also included.


Randomly explodes a car you get into (unless it's a taxi). 40% probability provided that the GTA random generator is a normally distributed one.

Activation: None

Controls: None


Gives you a camera whenever you die or whatever and loads it for 10000 frames. Useful when you have a camera image saving mod and just love to take pictures of everything.

Activation: None

Controls: None


Various actions while in car.

Activation: None


  • L — lock car door
  • U — unlock car door
  • T — open car trunk
  • Y — open car trunk fully
  • I — make car immune to everything
  • H — Car Assist — place the car on the nearest road


A challenge bloodbath minigame, can't remember anything about how it works or how it's activated :/

As far as I remember it creates a whole lot of cops around you with one of them being a boss with 10k ammo 1k armour and 10k HP. Probably impossible to pass this without any cheats or whatever.

Activation: maybe 'z' key, not sure

Controls: whatever you use in GTA normally.


Some kind of a police chase minigame which I couldn't finish due to some logic or memory management issue.

Activation: get into the highlighted taxi which appears after your respawn somewhere on a nearby road.

Controls: usual driving controls, exit the car to stop the game (however that block is commented out)


A navigation/taxi system to easily go around Vice City with a set of predefined locations. Probably the first ever CLEO script I wrote :D

When you choose an item while not in a car, it will set the mission restart taxi to appear after you are wasted or busted. That taxi will then take you to the selected location. If you are in a car, it will also take you to the selected location right away.

Activation: Press keys I and O simultaneously to open the menu.


  • I+O — open menu
  • K — previous item
  • L — next item
  • I — confirm selection


  • Respawn — last place where you were wasted or busted. This is the default setting.
  • Escobar Airport
  • Docks
  • VicePort
  • Leaf Links Club
  • North Point Mall
  • Downtown — somewhere near the house with the three garage doors and a helicopter
  • Movie Studio
  • Fire dept.
  • Police dept.
  • Ocean View
  • City Dump


Not sure if it was even written by me...

Allows you to bring up the game save window anytime.

Activation: Press O and P keys simultaneously

Controls: None


Controls the gravity in game.

Activation: None

Controls: Number keys from 1 to 9


An unfinished aimbot for Vice City.

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