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NP.SH browser

An alternative to NPS browser for Linux written in bash


This program is for viewing TSV file list files and downloading the entries in them in batches.


  • dialog
  • gawk
  • wget
  • pkg2zip (native or via wine)


  • Edit the URLS variable to include URLs of the TSV files to view, separated by a single space
  • Edit the UNPAK variable to include the command for launching pkg2zip you usually use


  • ./
  • The TSV files are being retrieved
  • The search query box is presented. Enter the search query to find the necessary items in the TSV files, then select Search.
  • The search results are presented. Select the ones you would like to download and mark them by pressing the space bar.
  • When all the results you are interested in are selected, press "OK"
  • The query box reappears so you can search for more entries in the TSV. If you are done searching, then select Finish.
  • The selected entries will begin downloading and unpacking into the current directory.
  • Once done, all temporary files created in the process will be cleaned up.