Ultimate Music Proxy

What's it do?

  • Allows you to listen to streams in any player — just set it as the proxy in your player's settings! (Does not eliminate the ads, neither boost the quality — not implying you don't deserve more, just the way it works)
  • Allows you to listen to Spotify Free not depending on the country neither having to constantly look around for proxies (beta)


  • Python 2.7
  • urllib
  • httplib
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Internet connection


Command-line arguments:

python <port> [--enable-spotify [--united-kingdom] [--strict] [--test-proxy]] [--execute "...command..."] [2>/dev/null]


  • <port> — change the port the proxy will run on (default: 3128)
  • --enable-spotify — automatically find and enable a proxy server
  • --united-kingdom — use the UK proxy list instead of the US one by default
  • --strict — allow only proxies listed as "elite proxy"
  • --test-proxy — force to use a tested proxy
  • --execute "command" — execute a command when the proxy is ready and serving instead of the console
  • 2>/dev/null — a way of silencing stderr in bash, in case using Spotify floods the console with trash in the logs, especially trash with the Bell symbol :-)

Commands while running:

  • Q — stop the proxy
  • P — get new inner proxy from the list blindly
  • T — get new inner proxy with testing proxies in the list
  • ? — view current inner proxy status
  • S — input inner proxy data manually
  • US — set the proxy list to US
  • UK — set the proxy list to UK

Sample AppleScript to act as a Spotify shortcut

do shell script "ump --enable-spotify --strict --execute \"/Applications/\" 2>/dev/null"

Save this as an application in AppleScript editor, assign your favorite icon, place in Dock, and you're good to go :)


  • do shell script — AppleScript directive to perform a shell command
  • ump — An alias to the python created by making a small script in /usr/bin :)
  • --enable-spotify --strict — sets UMP to find an elite proxy upon startup
  • --execute \"/Applications/\" — sets UMP to start Spotify after it's ready and wait for it's termination instead of showing a console
  • 2>/dev/null — silence the bell character flood from stderr

Known issues

  • Spotify playback is stable but GUI flickers between offline and online sometimes (v. 0.9 is stable though)
  • This would have worked much better as a daemon + config tool

by Genjitsu Gadget Lab, 2016