Yomu is a damn-simple PDA manga reader.


  • List books
  • Chapters within books
  • Zoom
  • Password protect books (no actual encryption)
  • Books do not show up in image viewers

System requirements

  • Windows Mobile 2003+
  • .NET CF 2.0+
  • recommended VGA resolution screen

Importing books

Put each chapter into the /import/ folder. Tap the chapter folder on the Import tab. Enter the book name if it's the first time you're importing it, or select the name from drop-down if it's a new chapter of what you've already had. If necessary, adjust the chapter number using the numeric input to the right of the title drop-down. Optionally, enter the author's name. Finally, select a cover picture from the list. You can see a preview beside the list box. Then hit "Import" in the menu bar and the book/chapter will be imported.

Password protection

If you didn't set the password on first chapter import, then tap and hold on a book to set or change the password for it. Different books can have different passwords.


Double tap a book to read it. A password may be required if you set that. Pan the page with your stylus. Use the joystick left-right to change pages, up-down to zoom. Tap the screen or press select on joystick to bring up the HUD and the start menu bar.