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Post: Obraz 0.3 released

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+layout: post
+title: Obraz 0.3 Released
+In this release the command line arguments have been changed to be more
+informative for new users. The help message is shown by default.
+Also the plugin interface has been extended in order to provide an extension
+point for adding custom Jinja2 filters. The plugin system added in
+[Obraz 0.2][1] is still considered experimental.
+What's new:
+* Site path as a required command line argument
+* `obraz.template_filters` extension point for adding custom Jinja2
+  templates
+* `markdownify` template filter as in Jekyll
+* `obraz.filters` extension point renamed to `obraz.file_filters`
+  [1]: http://obraz.pirx.ru/2012/06/02/obraz-0.2.html