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Ignore backup~, #autosave, and vimswap.swp files. Keep .htaccess.

  1. Sergey Astanin

Vim and Emacs create backup (ending with a ~), autosave (starting with a #), and swap (ending with a *.s[uvw][a-z]) files in the same directory by default. Deploying these files may result in an unintended leak of the intermediate revisions.

Obraz did ignore .dotfiles and _underscored files before. This PR extends the list of filename patterns to ignore, and adds an exception for .htaccess files. I propose also to discard all the ignored files early, and not try to process them at all (see commit message 03fc457).

For reference, Jekyll keeps .htaccess, but ignores .dot, _underscored, backup~, #autosaved files. It ignores symlinks too. See 1.

Hakyll ignores .dotfiles, backup~, and vim.swp files. See 2.

Comments (2)

  1. Andrey Vlasovskikh repo owner

    I've put a comment about changing all_files. Other than that, I'm fine with your patch, but I want to extract include/exclude patterns into default site similar to Jekyll's one and cleanup things a little bit. I'll do it myself if you don't mind.