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Obraz is mostly compatible with Jekyll. Since most parts of the Jekyll documentation is valid for Obraz too, Obraz doesn't have its own documentation.

However, there are several differences you should be aware of.


  • Jinja2 template system

    Jekyll uses the Liquid templates system written in Ruby, but Obraz is written in Python and it cannot use Liquid. Obraz uses the Jinja2 templates system instead. Its tag syntax is very similar to Liquid, but its set of filters is quite different. The process of translation a Liquid template to Jinja2 is usually straightforward. See the Jinja2 templates documentation for details.

    Jekyll filters in Obraz: markdownify.

  • No command line options

    Obraz has no command line options (apart from --help) and it accepts only one required command line argument: the site source. The site destination is always _site. You can specify options only via configuration parameters in _config.yml.

  • Permalink syntax

    Permalinks are specifed as follows:


    Variables i_month and i_day, as well as built-in permalink styles, are not available.

  • Plugin system

    Obraz 0.2 introduces an experimental plugin system. It may be changed significantly in the future releases. Please refer to the announcement and the source code for more info.

Not Implemented Yet

  • Categories of posts

    Categories of posts in template data (site.categories) and in permalinks are not supported.

  • Posts paginator

    The posts paginator object in template data (paginator) is not supported.

  • Related posts

    Related posts in template data (site.related_posts) are not supported.

  • Some config options

    The following _config.yml options are not supported: baseurl, future, include, limit_posts.

  • Textile formatting

    Textile markup language is not supported.

Not in Obraz

  • Jekyll-compatible plugin system

    The plugin system of Obraz will never be compatible with Jekyll (Python vs Ruby).

  • Built-in web server

    Obraz comes with no built-in web server. There are many lightweight web servers available. For example, there is a web server in the Python standard library:

    $ cd /path/to/site
    $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  • Syntax highlighting

    No syntax highlighting is built into Obraz. You can use a cool highlight.js library to highlight your code using only two lines of JavaScript code.

  • Blog migration tools

    Obraz doesn't contain any blog migration tools. Use the tools from Jekyll in order to migrate from popular blog hosting sites to Obraz.

Found an incompatible behaviour or want to request a new feature? Please post your reports to the bug tracker.