jsoncatalogue allows reading set of JSON files from directory structure resembling urls.

Files are loaded and provided as simple url: jsoncontent dictionary.

Such a dictionary can be used as catalogue of JSON schemas for JSON Schema validation.


Currently this is not served on public pypi.

Install from private pypi or from directory:

$ pip install _packages/jsoncatalogue

(this assumes, the for jsoncatalogue is located at given directory.)

Structure of directory with JSON files

If you want to have catalogue for Swagger v1.2 validation:


where - catalogue - is catalogue "home" directory (can be deeper) - http- is protocol name. Can be any other, like ftp... - - domain name - schemas/v1.2 - local path to JSON files - apiDeclaration.json - actual JSON file - must be valid JSON file (no other requirement exist)

As you see, there are no complex rules to follow, just have uri leading to valid JSON file (which is not even required to have an extension ".json")

Loading JSON Catalogue from directory

>>> from jsoncatalogue import Catalogue
>>> catalogue = Catalogue()
>>> catalogue.add_directory("catalog")
>>> catalogue.add_directory("../other/catalog")
{"http://exam.ple/schema/one.json": {...},
 "http://exam.ple/schema/two.json": {...},
 "": {...}
 "http://no.extensi.on/schema/pets": {...}

And this is all. You now have a dictionary with uris and related JSON content. The JSON content is already loaded and is represented as dictionary.

Using catalogue for JSON Schema validator

This can be assigned e.g. to jsonschema validator

>>> from jsonschema import Draft4Validator
>>> validator = Draft4Validator()
>>> =

From now on, validator will know about schemas from catalogue