blinker / CHANGES

Blinker Changelog

Version 1.2


- Added Signal.receiver_connected and
  Signal.receiver_disconnected per-Signal signals.
- Deprecated the global 'receiver_connected' signal.
- Verified Python 3.2 support (no changes needed!)

Version 1.1

Released July 21, 2010

- Added ``@signal.connect_via(sender)`` decorator
- Added ``signal.connected_to`` shorthand name for the
  ``temporarily_connected_to`` context manager.

Version 1.0

Released March 28, 2010

- Python 3.0 and 3.1 compatibility

Version 0.9

Released February 26, 2010

- Added ``Signal.temporarily_connected_to`` context manager
- Docs!  Sphinx docs, project web site.

Version 0.8

Released February 14, 2010

- Initial release
- Extracted from flatland.util.signals
- Added Python 2.4 compatibility
- Added nearly functional Python 3.1 compatibility (everything except
  connecting to instance methods seems to work.)
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