djsqlalchemy / djsqlalchemy /

from django.db.models import ForeignKey

from djsqlalchemy.alchemy import get_engine

__all__ = ['fetchall', 'get_list', 'get_one']

def map_related(obj, values, prefix=''):
    # special case for master obj
    local_prefix = prefix or (obj._meta.db_table + '_')

    fks = []
    for field in obj._meta.local_fields:
        if isinstance(field, ForeignKey):
            label = local_prefix +
            if label in values:
                setattr(obj,, values[label])
                del values[label]

        for fk in fks:
            rel_obj =
            map_related(rel_obj, values, prefix=prefix + + '_')
                cache_name = '_%s_cache' %
                setattr(obj, cache_name, rel_obj)

def map_values(model, values):
    obj = model()

    # TODO: replace with values = dict(values)
    d = {}
    for i, key in enumerate(values.keys()):
        d[key] = values._row[i]
    values = d

    map_related(obj, values)

    # set other values on master obj as is
    for label, value in values.items():
        setattr(obj, label, value)
    return obj

def fetchall(s, model=None):
    engine = get_engine()

    result = engine.execute(s)
    values_list = result.fetchall()

    for values in values_list:
        if model:
            yield map_values(model, values)
            yield values

def get_list(s, model=None):
    return list(fetchall(s, model))

def get_one(s, model=None):
    objs = list(fetchall(s, model))

    if not objs:
        if model:
            raise model.DoesNotExist()
            raise ValueError('Query returned empty result')
    elif len(objs) > 1:
        if model:
            raise model.MultipleObjectsReturned()
            raise ValueError('Query returned multiple rows')

    return objs[0]
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