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fixed bool

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-    def __bool__(self):
-        return self.can()
+    def __nonzero__(self):
+        return bool(self.can())
     def require(self, http_exception=None):
         """Create a principal for this permission.
         The principal may be used as a context manager, or a decroator.
+        If ``http_exception`` is passed then ``abort()`` will be called
+        with the HTTP exception code. Otherwise a ``PermissionDenied``
+        exception will be raised.
+        :param http_exception: the HTTP exception code (403, 401 etc)
         return IdentityContext(self, http_exception)


     def k():
         return Response('hello')
+    @app.route('/l')
+    def l():
+        s = []
+        if not admin_or_editor:
+            s.append("not admin")
+        i = Identity('ali')
+        identity_changed.send(app, identity=i)
+        if admin_or_editor:
+            s.append("now admin")  
+        return Response('\n'.join(s))
     return app
 def mkadmin():
     response ="/k")
     assert response.status_code == 200
+def test_permission_bool():
+    client = mkapp().test_client()
+    response ='/l')
+    print
+    assert response.status_code == 200
+    assert 'not admin' in
+    assert 'now admin' in
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