1. Vladimir Mihailenco
  2. ytmanager


ytmanager / annoying / functions.py

from django.shortcuts import _get_queryset
from django.conf import settings

def get_object_or_None(klass, *args, **kwargs):
    Uses get() to return an object or None if the object does not exist.

    klass may be a Model, Manager, or QuerySet object. All other passed
    arguments and keyword arguments are used in the get() query.

    Note: Like with get(), an MultipleObjectsReturned will be raised if more than one
    object is found.
    queryset = _get_queryset(klass)
        return queryset.get(*args, **kwargs)
    except queryset.model.DoesNotExist:
        return None

def get_config(key, default):
    Get settings from django.conf if exists,
    return default value otherwise


    ADMIN_EMAIL = get_config('ADMIN_EMAIL', 'default@email.com')
    return getattr(settings, key, default)